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the Mindspark

the mindspark website

This Website was designed and delivered on summer of 2017 for the “Mindspark Initiative”, based in Alexandroupolis, Greece

Marketing Gurus, Global thought Leaders, Creative Experts and Top Achievers are taking part on this great Event on a mission to light your Spark!

the Mindspark website’s goal is to provide to visitors a complete and unique image about the Initiative mission and it’s scheduled events.

light the spark inside you !

This site provides a special event manager profile that gives the admins the ability to create multiple  events throughout the year and categorize them.

The Mindspark is an initiative currently expressed through a special event dedicated on entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity and innovative thinking.

The 360 team was really happy to design and deliver a website for such an amazing Initiative with so many grate and creative people around it.

All the speakers and the organizers have their personal profile page with bios, quotes and video stories from past events.

Don’t miss to visit mindspark’s website and book your seat in the upcoming event !

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the Mindspark
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